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The Power Thought for October

...from the October 2014 Newsletter

“Happiness keeps you Sweet

Trials keep you Strong

Sorrows keep you Human

Success keeps you Glowing

But ….only Friends keep You Going”

~Submitted by Charlie, Washington

Don't Miss ..."The Donna Seebo Show "
'Light Up Your Life with a Little Bit of Insight.'

Donna Seebo features authors and experts from around the world who share their insights with you the listening audience. Join her daily for this powerful hour of mind power that will enhance your life.

As of April 7th, 2014, “The Donna Seebo Show” is now its own station.

I invite you to join me for uplifting positive programming at my new broadcasting site. Join us ‘live’ on www.delphiinternational.com , and go to ‘The Donna Seebo Show’ page.

There you will find a flash player that enables you to listen to my live programming, 9:00am to 10:00am, Monday through Friday, Pacific Time.

During the second half of the program I share my mental skills with those of you who call into the show. A new phone number will be announced within a couple of weeks for callers, so stay tuned. Informative and fun, I invite you to join me weekdays where you can “Light Up Your Life with A Little Bit of Insight”. Be sure to tell your friends and family about the programming change.

'God's Kiss '

An Award winning Story Celebrating Oneness
Author / Donna Seebo
Illustrator / Ed Gedrose

15 Glorious full-color illustrations bring the story alive and make it a joy to read aloud.
Perfect for the Holidays

Announcement : Mrs. Seebo’s Classics New Website
Take a look at our new website for
www.MrsSeebosClassics.com.  You can now order the book and audio CD directly and more products –
e-books & e-audio books – will be added in a few weeks.  Check it out and let me know what you think.


“The Donna Seebo Show” is now part of a new
network - Delphi Vision Broadcasting. Currently over 43 countries plus people throughout the U.S. are listening to the shows. I invite you to join me daily for uplifting positive programming ‘live’ on www.delphiinternational.com .

Go to ‘The Donna Seebo Show’ page. There you will find a flash player and an on-demand link that enables you to connect to the show 9:00 am to 10:00 am, Monday through Friday, Pacific Time, or listen to the shows at any time that is convenient for you. I look forward to having you join me and my guests at my global broadcasting table.


• Effective September 3, 2014 a new program “Warriors for Peace” will be broadcast weekly on ‘The Delphi Vision Broadcasting Station’.
October·  Saturday, October 4, 2014 – Universal Life & Light Expo
October7 to 13 – Fairbanks and Anchorage, Alaska


• January 19th, 2015·       January 19th– I will be speaking at the Boeing Parapsychology Meeting

· March 2015 – Emerald Spiral Expo, Kent Commons, Kent, Washington.

· July, 2015 – Boeing ‘Wellness Conscious Life Expo’, Kent Commons, Kent, Washington

· August 2015 – I am hosting a cruise to Alaska and featuring two special classes on ‘The Quantum Mind’.

· September 2015 – Emerald Spiral Expo, Kent Commons, Kent, Washington

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