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“The Donna Seebo Show” is now its own station. Currently over 43 countries plus people throughout the U.S. are listening to the shows. I invite you to join me daily for uplifting positive programming ‘live’ on . Go to ‘The Donna Seebo Show’ page. There you will find a flash player and an on-demand link that enables you to connect to the show 9:00 am to 10:00 am, Monday through Friday, Pacific Time, or listen to the shows at any time that is convenient for you. I look forward to having you join me and my guests at my global broadcasting table.

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The theme of the program is ‘Personal Empowerment’. Guests are featured from all over the world giving their knowledge and expertise to you the listening audience. During the second half of the program I will be sharing my mental skills with those of you who call into the show. A new call-in phone number will be announced by June 1st, so stay tuned.

Informative and fun, I invite you to join me weekdays where you can “Light Up Your Life with A Little Bit of Insight”. Be sure to tell your friends and family about the programming change.

Featured Guests
May 2014 

on ‘The Donna Seebo Show’ Station

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1….Friends with Your Scale, Linda Spangle

2….Understanding PTSD and Addiction, Dr. Katie Evans

5….Life Story of George Washington Carver, William J. Federer

6….4 Virtues, Tobin Hart

7….Everything Connects, Faisal Hoque
8….Fight Diabetes with Vitamins & Antioxidants, Dr. Prasad

9….Seiki Jutsu, The Practice of Non-Energy Medicine, Brad & Hillary Keeney

12…The Fast-Fix Slow Cooker Cookbook, Nancy Hughes

13…Dreambirth, Catherine Shainberg

14…Not Just Spirited, Chynna Laird

15…Having the Time of Your Life, Allen Klein

16… To be announced

19…Making Marks, Elaine Clayton

20…Paradise in Pure Sight, Karen Miller

21…Surviving Cancerland, Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos

22…I’ll Meet You at the Base of the Mountain, Donna Visocky

23…From My Hands & Heart, Kate MacKinnon

26… To be announced

27…Forever & 365, Ulriki

28…House of the Jaguar, Mike Bond

29…But by the Chance of War, Richard Lyons

30…Teaching Dogs to Read, Dr. Bonnie Bergin

Upcoming Broadcasts & Appearances

Fairbanks, Alaska….April 29th – May 1st.
For private appointments, please call 253.582.5604 or the local number of 907.479.3650.

Anchorage, Alaska….May 1st to 5th.
For private appointments, please call 253.582.5604 or the local number of 907.274.1000.
Please do not contact hotels prior to date of arrival as they will not take messages until I arrive.

June 12th….I will be speaking at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon in Covington, Washington. More details will be provided in the upcoming June 1st newsletter.

****We have wonderful advertisers that support our programming.  Take time to visit our sponsor page on our website and go to the icon for ‘The Donna Seebo Show’.  These businesses often offer specials to my listeners.  Be sure to mention the show when you call them.

**Sponsors/Advertisers: Do you have a product or service you would like to have the listeners of “The Donna Seebo Show” hear about?  Donna’s programs reach thousands of people daily and shows are archived for listening convenience. People are listening and responding from all over the country and the world via the Internet.  Multiple opportunities are available for reasonable prices. This is advertising opportunity with a personal touch.  Give us a call @ (253) 582-5604 for ad schedule and rates. Demographics and other information are available upon request.

May….Alaska – Anchorage & Fairbanks – upcoming trip that may occur the end of April first part of May. More information will be forthcoming in a separate email.


Don't Miss ..."The Donna Seebo Show "
'Light Up Your Life with a Little Bit of Insight.'

Donna Seebo features authors and experts from around the world who share their insights with you the listening audience. Informative and fun, this is programming for all ages.

Join Donna weekdays for The Donna Seebo Show’, 9-10 am, Pacific Time.  This program is live and callers are welcomed during the second half of the show. Free readings are given, questions answered. Call-in number – 253.582.5597. Format: Talk-Personal Empowerment.

“Warriors for Peace” is featured Wednesdays, 11 am to Noon.  This program focuses on interviews with veterans and those individuals who are dedicated to making this world a more balanced, sustaining environment that supports the ultimate objective of peace.

You are invited to join Donna for uplifting positive programming by going to ‘The Donna Seebo Show’ page. on . There you will find a GREEN flash player that is playing programming 24/7.  You also can listen to my live broadcasts during times indicated on this player.

There is also a YELLOW strip on the upper right side of the page linking you to a page that gives a listing of all of my previous programs.  At any time you can select the program of interest, click on the box to the far right and then scroll down to ‘play selected file’.

We look forward to having you join Donna at her broadcasting table. Tell your family and friends about the programs.

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