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A Moment with Donna © 'Willing to Walk'

Wanting to change and do things differently is not optional - it's required.
You gotta wanna!"

BJ Gallagher, Author

Growing as an individual is a constant process.

Recently I had a 19 year old woman call into my show. Her challenge? Finding herself. She was in the process of stepping out into new territories of experience, was afraid yet knew it was the right thing for her to do. Concerned about leaving her home and family, she wanted to be safe, secure. However, she wanted at the same time to expand herself, her education and her views of life. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Have you been afraid of changes in your life? Are you wondering if you should venture into the unknown, the unsecured challenges of opportunity?

Often times by making decisions for change we think we might lose something very valuable such as job security, health insurance, everything we have depended upon. Anything and everything that ensures our safety, at least as we have known it.

By making decisions that require change we move ourselves into different positions of experience. We may discover a whole new perspective that can change our understanding, insights and expand our talents. Often by stepping away from what we know, we can actually move forward by a
thousand steps into a greater part of ourselves and opportunity. It can be scary however. Reaching for the adventure of self-discovery and expansion usually is.

Like Lewis & Clark, you push into the unknown, map new territories, discover new strengths and weaknesses, feel alone yet discover all kinds of things you never knew existed, including new friends and relationships.

All of life is an ever growing process whether you are 19, 75 or 120 years old. When you stop exploring, growing, you cease to live. There will always be the challenges, stresses and tears, as well as the joys, sparkling moments of laughter, rich vibrant melodies of love shared with family,
friends and animals.

Every day is a clear canvas of choice. What will you paint upon it today? What colors will you use? What will you design?

Whether you place one stroke or a million upon your canvas, keep in mind this is your painting and you can change your mind, your theme/design at anytime. You make the choice. Should you not like what you have developed, white it out and start a new concept. It is all up to you.

This is your day. What do you choose to express, to experience? You are the master artist, you make the decisions. Acknowledge your right of choice, your freedom to express your individuality, and then work towards demonstrating your desires, dreams and heartfelt expression.

Remember, you do make a difference. Don't just talk, walk the walk and enjoy the process. You have the freedom to choose the direction and change it, should you so desire, to follow a different road. Be willing to walk your choices and your adventures will enable you to live life with a
passion that others will wonder at. You'll be the richest person in your world sharing your bounty with all you meet.
Donna Seebo

Power Thought for April

"A true handicap is what we don't do with what we have,
not what we can't do with what we don't have."
~Christopher Brewer, Bethesda, Maryland

(~.~) April's Chuckle (~.~)

My parents had one of those old-time rotary telephones. This drove my brother crazy. Once, he misdialed a long-distance number and had to do it all over again.

"Mom," he asked in frustration, "why don't you replace this thing with a touch-tone phone?"

"If we did," my mother said, "your father would never get any exercise."
Debra Copeland,Alabama


'Special Announcement'

"The Donna Seebo Show" is no longer being broadcast on KLAY.
Effective April 1, 2005 my program is heard on KKNW 1150 AM, here in the Pacific Northwest and also audio streamed 'live' on , 8-9am, Monday through Friday.

Tell your friends that they can now hear the show from anywhere in the world.
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The theme of the program is 'Personal Empowerment'. Guests are featured from all over the world and share their knowledge and expertise with you the listening audience. Also during the program I share my mental skills with those of you who call into the program. Informative and fun, I invite you to join us weekday mornings when we "Light Up Your Life with A Little Bit of Insight".

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Radio Interviews
KKNW 1150AM - 8-9am

Featured Guests-April & May 2005
Guests-KKNW 1150AM

~Featured Guests - April 2005~

1....'Child Support' - Dawnette Lounds-Culp
4....'Dream Big' - Lisa Hammond
5....Open Mike
6....'Collecting Art Plastic Jewelry' - Leigh Leshner
7....Open Mike
8....'Forbidden Archeology' - Michael Cremo
11...'Write A Book Without Lifting A Finger' - Mahesh Grossman
12...Open Mike
13...'How Americans Can Buy American' - Roger Simmermaker
14...'Got Game' - Mitchell Wade
15...'Create While You Wait'-The Doodle Lady and 'The Loving Tree' - Pat
18 to 22....I will be on vacation and programming will be continued - "The
Best of Donna" will be aired each morning
25...'Dr. Ann's 10-Step Diet' - Dr. Ann Kulze, M.D.
26...Open Mike
27...'Bring Me The Rhinocerous' - John Tarrant
28...DeVry University - Keller Graduate School
29...'Hope & Heroes' - Barry Shainbaum

~Upcoming Guests - May 2005~

2....'The Children's Blizzard' - David Laskin
3....Open Mike
4....'Clutter's Last Stand' - Don Aslett
5....Open Mike
6....'Velveteen Principles' - Toni Raiten-D'Antonio
9....'The Soul of Success' - Jennifer Read Hawthorne
10...Open Mike
11...'The Reluctant Healer' - David Elliott
12...Open Mike
13...'Wild Irish Rose' - Trina Robbins
16...'Career Mystique' - Phyllis Moen
17...Open Mike
18...'At The Close of Day' - Lance Davis
19...Open Mike
20...'A Cup of Comfort 4 Mother's & Sons' - Colleen Sell
23...'Rewards 4 Kids' - Virginia Shiller
24...Open Mike
25...DeVry University
26...Open Mike
27...'Thin People Don't Clean Their Plates' - Jill Fleming
30...Holiday - The Best of Donna will be aired
31...Open Mike


Special Appearances

~Cancellation of April 9th Appearance~
The seminar 'Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of the Best' has been cancelled and
will be rescheduled later this year. Watch for information in upcoming newsletters.


True Stories About Real People

This is a special story about one of the most magnificent magicians of all time, Houdini. A special insight into a man whose life revolved and evolved around magic.

Dorothy Young of Ocean Grove, New Jersey had the wonderful experience of traveling with Houdini as his stage assistant many years ago. She learned the secrets of his special magic. She knew how he was able to escape from handcuffs and straitjackets. Sworn to secrecy by Houdini's lawyers, Dorothy honors and respects that oath to this day. However no one ever asked her not to reveal the most important thing that Houdini taught her.

She was 17 years old and traveling by train to an opening show in Hartford, Connecticut, her first appearance onstage. Very excited, she was also quite nervous.

To pass the time on the train, Houdini told Dorothy all about his youth in Appleton, Wisconsin. She found that they both had grown up with the strong faith of their fathers. Houdini's was a rabbi and Dorothy was a Methodist clergyman. He told her that though the family was poor, regardless of how bleak and desperate situations might appear, his dad always had the
deepest of faith, 'God will provide.'

There came a day when there was no food in the house, so Houdini, 10 years old, went into town, put his hat on the sidewalk and started doing magic tricks. In a short space of time his hat was half full of coins from the delighted passersby, upon seeing that he picked up his hat and ran home quickly. Just before going inside the house, he hid the coins in his dark, wavy hair, the cuffs of his pants and up his sleeves. Finally he opened the front door, stepped inside and called to his mother, "Mom, shake me." Preoccupied by the family's troubles, she wasn't in the mood to play games. However he insisted and she heartily complied, shaking him vigorously. Coins flew everywhere falling onto the floor. His mother was stunned.

"So it's true," Houdini said to Dorothy, "God does provide. But it's also true that God helps those who help themselves."

To this day Dorothy has always thought that was a significant secret of Houdini's success.


The Northwest Women's Show in March was a wonderful experience. So many of you stopped by our booth to say 'hello' and we were so delighted to meet you. We appreciate all of you having such an interest in our booth and sharing time to visit us.

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Have a magnificent day and remember:
"You Are The Master Of Your Fate, The Captain Of Your Soul".

Donna Seebo, International Mental Practitioner/Psychic, Counselor, Award
Winning Author, Speaker, Teacher, Radio/Television Personality and Minister
Host of "The Donna Seebo Show" heard weekdays KKNW 1150 AM, here in the Pacific Northwest and also audio streamed 'live' on , 8-9am, Monday through Friday.

Tell your friends that they can now hear the show from anywhere in the world.
Call in and be 'on air' with Donna and receive a 'free' reading by telephone. .
Call in numbers (425) 373-5527 or (888) 298-5569.

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