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“The Donna Seebo Show” is now part of a new network - Delphi Vision Broadcasting. Currently over 58 countries plus people throughout the U.S. are listening to the shows. I invite you to join me daily for uplifting positive programming ‘live’ on .

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Upcoming Broadcasts & Appearances

December 24th…10:00am, Pacific Time - The Dr. Love Show – Go to the link -– turn the radio option on and if you want to call into the program use: 751.432.1212, meeting ID-712 738-701#

• January 19th, 2015
·       January 19th– I will be speaking at the Boeing Parapsychology Meeting – further information will be provided in upcoming newsletters.

· March 2015 – NW Women's Show & Emerald Spiral Expo, Kent Commons, Kent, Washington.

· July, 2015 – Boeing ‘Wellness Conscious Life Expo’, Kent Commons, Kent, Washington

· August 2015 – I am hosting a cruise to Alaska and featuring two special classes on ‘The Quantum Mind’. For additional details call my office 253.582.5604. More information will be posted on my website and discussed on my radio show in the upcoming months.

· September 2015 – Emerald Spiral Expo, Kent Commons, Kent, Washington

Donna Seebo Show Testimonials

You are a true polymath and I was very impressed with how much you knew about my first novel.  Your insightful comments and analysis of the book and its main characters were excellent.  In short, I felt the interview was great and, in fact, I was sorry that it had to end.
My sincerest thanks.
John Fishwick, Author- A Flight to Romance

Donna, you are such an amazingly talented person!
I am listening to an ITunes version of your program. Your scheduled guest couldn't participate due to some technological glitches, so you did the show yourself. You went on to talk about some recent advancement in science, and then you touched on the power of positivity of mind, and then all of the sudden someone calls in and you do a 3-minute reading for her, and then you hang up and bounce back to some more news in the world of science. Who does that????? Not many people. But you did it so masterfully.
After you talk to someone you've just given a reading to -- you ask, "Was that helpful?" You can hear a smile in the caller's voice,
and it is obvious that helping other people is what motivates you in your work.

I love the passion that you have for developing your mind and sharing the information you get with your listeners. Very few people in this world can fill hours of airtime with such a variety of great stuff:) But that's who you are, so maybe it's not such a challenge. Anyway, I am so glad to know you. (But you already knew that).

A Thank You From Hank Jones
Dear Donna: What fun it was to be on your program today. I've done quite a few talk shows talking about my two Psychic Roots books, and must tell you honestly that yours was probably the most relaxed and enjoyable I've ever experienced. You ask great questions, come in well-prepared about the subject and the contents of my books, and make the conversation flow so easily. I felt like I was in your kitchen, just chatting away with a long-time friend.
Many thanks - and keep up the GREAT work!
Blessings to you and yours,
Hank Jones

“Thank you and again I enjoyed our interview time together. Your efforts to ‘make a positive difference for good’ are certainly to be commended. If only there were many more people like you!”

Fred A. Manske, Jr. – Leadership Education and Development, Inc.

Dear Donna,
Thank you for such a thoughtfully astute read of my book Apron Strings. You are so right Apron Strings is about the human condition no matter race, ethnicity or creed. You truly are a wonderful interviewer. It was indeed my honor and pleasure to be on your show today.
Wishing you the very best,
Mary Morony

My heartfelt thanks/Testimonial/Radio
Hello Donna,
I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the wonderful opportunity to speak with you this morning on air. It was delightful to speak with someone who obviously is here to radiate her light around the world during these times and offers the wisdom you have lived.
Thank you and enjoy this amazing exact Grand Cross astrological day.
Best & Blessings-Sandy
Sandy Corcoran


Donna, I went to your website tonight and listened to some of your interview with ...I think it was... Bonnie Glass-Coffin....
First, I just love that I can listen to your shows at my convenience....your voice is always sonorous, I love the way it sounds on my speakers. The other thing I enjoyed was your ability to shift into active and passive modes with your guest. I know from my relationship with you, that you are chock full of information and can expound upon numerous subjects with
intelligence and insight....but I also heard how you back off and let the guest shine. I think it is quite an art to be able to do that -- not overwhelm your guest, but also give them enough response, that they can shine for your audience.I hope you're enjoying your new format. Just saying hello...
Marc Hannon

Thank you, Donna, for the wonderful interview on The Donna Seebo Show about my book, Bridging Species: Thoughts and Tales About Our Lives with Dogs. You are a wonderful host: smart, informed, interested in and supportive of your guests, and passionate about the many subjects you cover, from our mutual love of animals to enhancing our spiritual lives. You had not only read my book but made sure your audience knew about it and about my work in a lively, wide-ranging, generous, and enlightening way. Your audience and your guests benefit greatly from your wisdom and your great love of your work and of all our contributions to building a healthy balanced planet.  What a fabulous interviewer you are! Keep it up, we all need you!
Robyn M Fritz, writer and intuitive communicator

  Thank you so much for inviting me on your show. I was very interested to do the interview due to your immense background in so many areas and your wisdom and vision. Your questions were thought-provoking, and you brought a new understanding to how I saw my own work. It's very important to share understanding of the meanings of life and how to live, and you do that superbly.
Again, many thanks.
MikMike Bond, best-selling novelist and author of The Last Savanna.

"Donna Seebo's show is such a delight!Her interview questions were thought provoking, intentional, and heartfelt...I can't imagine being a part of a more well crafted show on talk radio"Thank You so much Donna!!!That was a lot of fun, and definitely on of the best interviews I have had.My deepest respect and love,
Steve Killen

The Donna Seebo Show/Interview-March 31, 2014

Dear Donna, I just want to thank you so very much for your very insightful interview yesterday. You described Jamie's personality very well and her mission in life of what she was trying to accomplish as an army nurse and some things that she went through in her career, of her steadfastness and her dedication.
I hope that Jamie's story will never die. My purpose in writing "The Colonel is a Lady" was so that Jamie could enjoy it and in getting the word out about an incredible nurses unconditional love for her fellow man. I wrote it especially for the nurses who were in that war, and for all. She was a role model for all to follow. She was all about empowering women as she did her nurses, and this is what I was trying to do with my book... to empower women. She is what Patriotism and Character is all about. She loved people more than she loved herself.
Thank you for letting her voice speak in my words and through you with your words yesterday. It was delightful having a chat with you and remembering my dear friend Jamie. Jamie was what America stands for. Jamie was a great lady and the Grand Dame and Driving Force behind the foundation of the Vietnam Women's Memorial in Washington, D.C. God Bless America.
Beverly Thompson
Author of The Colonel is a Lady

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3….Lost in the Pacific – Doug Keeney

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24…Bridges Out of Poverty – Phil DeVol

31…The Power of Peace in You – Marlise Karlin

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More Donna Seebo Show Testimonials

Dear Donna, I am very happy with the interview and have sent the link to all my friends and acquaintances. You did a lovely job of respectfully asking questions and allowing me time to answer as I wished to do. I am grateful for this opportunity to tell my story. Thank you very much for making it possible and for your gracious interviewing manner.
Blessings to you and yours,
Mary Beben <>
Author of “The Pleiadian House of Initiation”

Today's Interview/September 17, 2014
Hello Donna,
Again, Thank You for the Special Pleasure of visiting with You once again and the Excellent interview! You accomplish your work so well and professionally, and make it so easy for the interviewee! I also want to thank you for the contact information for Leon Cooper; I look forward to that interaction and for the suggestion to get copies of Ideologies... to the Military Academies and other like institutions. Excellent Idea! And lastly, Thank You for 'plugging' Ideologies in Conflict and my web site. My daughter-in-law, "webmaster," taped the interview and is also attaching it to the "web."Once Again, Thank You for You and All You Do for So Many,God Bless,


How did your show go with Donna Seebo? Wow - that woman is essential in this world!!  She totally 'got' A Wolf Song.. she read quotes from the book, she understood A Wolf Song better than I did!!
It was very very good... please find a time to listen to it... Wowwwww!Lisa Osina
Author – “A Wolf’s Song”
Thank you.

Donna, such a pleasure

Thank you so much for your thoughtful questions during our time together today. Your in-depth knowledge of my material was refreshing, and I loved collaborating with you on answering those deeper questions. Your listeners—and myself—are blessed.--
Kim Marcille Romaner, Author of “The Science of Making Things Happen”

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